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Home Decor and Interior Design Trend: Wallpaper is BACK!

Home Decor and Interior Design Trend: Wallpaper is BACK!

Effortlessly Update Your Space

You asked the HER Home Design team about the 2022 Home Decor and Interior Design Trends: Wallpaper and we're excited to deliver the news.

Wallpaper?!?! Wait. WHAT?!

Before you hyperventilate, repeat after me: "This is NOT grandma's wallpaper!"

Using wallpaper to make a big bang for little bucks continues to remain on-trend season after season. Pay attention closely, friends, there will be a QUIZ at the end! (Haha)

Are you considering creating an accent wall in your home, but not sure where to start? Can we tempt you to join the wallpaper movement or will you hold fast to your painted walls?

While there is certainly no wrong answer, here are three common misconceptions about wallpaper to think about as you make your big decision.

1. "Wallpaper is Outdated"

If you're thinking of that horrible wallpaper from the 1970s, we understand why you'd be hesitant to welcome this trend with open arms.

(Honestly, we think what happened in the 70s should really stay in the 70s, but we digress...)

The main reasons vintage wallpaper makes us all cringe initially are: 1) it was used as the main wall covering and not as a tasteful accent and 2) the patterns were often a mind-numbing conglomeration of less than ideal colors and teeny tiny prints that were super busy and just way too visually heavy.

Modern wallpaper includes larger prints and more tasteful applications.

We prefer to create beautiful accent walls with textured or geometric patterns.

2. "Wallpaper is Too Much of a Commitment"

We said it before and we'll say it again: This is NOT your great aunt Mary's wallpaper! (smile)

There are many different types of wallpaper on today's home decor market and the cost varies as much as the application. From vinyl, non-woven, prepasted and grasscloth to peel and stick, selecting the right wallpaper for your project is made easier with the help of an experienced interior designer.

So what's a style-loving, wallpaper-worrying, homeowner to do? 

Here's our recommendation: If you are going to use wallpaper to accent a wall, the investment decreases significantly, so do the odds that you won't like your decision later. With an accent wall, there's less pressure to pick the perfect paper, which makes it easier to enjoy the process.

If you want to add depth and personality to your space, choose a wallpaper that features your favorite color, patterns, texture or choose one with a combination of them all.

Designers Note: We think you can save peel-and-stick options kids rooms, college dorms and rentals. 

3. "Wallpaper is Girly"

Today's wallpaper easily bridges the gender gap. Whether it's floral and woodsy or geometric and minimal, there is a pattern for everyone. Our team of experienced designers can help you choose the best paper accent for your space.

If you aren't into patterns, ask us about grasscloth wallpaper. This textured, solid color wall covering is often found in high-end hotels and is known for its timeless elegance.

Wallpaper Do's and Dont's

  • Do select your wallpaper, new furniture, and new window treatments simultaneously.
  • Don't try to mix too many patterns.
  • Oversized florals and, conversely, small geometric prints are becoming popular choices in homes, hotels, and storefronts.

And now for Interior Design Trends Wallpaper Quiz...

Still not sure if wallpaper is for you? Check out this quick quiz from our friends at Muse Wall Studio. 

Quick Accent Wall Quiz

Have a look at the list below. If these statements fit you, it's time to call HER for a paint color or wallpaper consultation:

  • If your walls and ceilings have been their current color for more than a decade...
  • If your window treatments and furniture have boasted the same palette since you moved in...
  • If your carpeting makes you cringe (and you're unsure of its original color)... 

Your individualized accent wall color consultation is a phone call away.

HER Home Design has a team of color experts who can help you develop a paint color palette for the interior and/or exterior of your home that will make you feel great. Our paint color consultations are the first step to creating a cohesive color plan for the spaces you love.

Love our work? Want to learn more about interior design and home decor with HER?

Book your interior design consultation with the HER Home Design team. Book online or call us at 317-377-4344 for a your in-home consultation and review.

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