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HER  Home Design Voted No.1: PeerSpace

HER Home Design Voted No.1: PeerSpace

The “Crossroads of America,” known as Indianapolis, is the junction of the area that takes you from the east to the Midwest. While it’s the junction for America, it’s also the perfect junction for creativity to meet inspiration. While you may think Indianapolis isn’t famous for its art scene, it would be quick to prove you wrong. This is especially true with the brilliant work of Indianapolis interior designers.

These masterminds are creating some of the prettiest homes in the heartland of the US. It’s more than enough to blow you away. Here at Peerspace, it’s always a pleasure getting to search for rising talent in the area. So we’re more than pleased to present some of the very best interior designers in Indianapolis.

1. Keianna Rae from HER Home Design

Keianna Rae is the founder and principal designer at HER Home Design, an interior design firm offering some of the best Indianapolis interior designers. She and the rest of her incredible gang thrive off creating lovely spaces. Spaces that tell a story, a space that can become a personal sanctuary to the client.

Keianna pays close attention to her work; everything she places into space, right down to the decorative accents, has been calculated. She even notices the smallest details, like color theory, textures, balance, lighting, and so much more. This is why she is one of the very best interior designers in Indianapolis.

2. James from James Rae Design

This talented interior design firm specializes explicitly in-home stage for discerning real estate professionals, builders, and homeowners. James will put a lot of thought and effort and will utilize beautifully curated goods to create the perfect space that homebuyers want. James has a very organic and flawless style. Plus, there is a proven track record of quick sales, thanks to the intricate work put into the home staging process.

As a result, James is able to successfully, time after time again, create beautiful spaces that homebuyers can ultimately envision themselves in.

3. Jamie from J.Gauker

You’ve ain’t seen nothing yet until you’ve laid your eyes on Jamie’s work for J.Gauker. She specializes in sophisticated and very detail-driven designs, Her goal is to allow her clients to live well at home, and she beautifully achieves this time after time. Every successful project Jamie has is thanks to the combination of creativity, intimate client relationships, and the teamwork that she puts into all this.

As a result, her designs and delivery show how she successfully creates a space that can rejuvenate anyone.

4. Emilee from Win Land Designs

Feast your eyes on Emilee’s designs, the founder of Win Land Designs. For those in the Indianapolis area who are looking for more of a unique but very upscale space, turn to her. Her modern interiors can certainly dominate, and her ideology perfectly matches this too. She believes that her clients deserve top-notch services, which is exactly what she delivers every time.

The end results of Emilee’s projects are simply outstanding, both functionality and aesthetically. Her chic-modern meets luxe-rustic is simply a unique style that many in the Indianapolis area adore!

5. Wendy from Everything Home Designs

You’re bound to feel a breath of fresh air when you check out Wendy’s exquisite designs from Everything Home Designs. They’re clean, pristine, and honestly look magazine-worthy! Her award-winning interior design services instantly show how she’s one of the best Indianapolis interior designers. Thanks to her refined skills, a knack for living spaces, and the thrill of making the space interactive, it’s easy to see why she receives the praise she does.

Wendy creates this beautiful blend between simplicity and eclectic. It’s a match made in heaven. She brings in the key rules of proportion, balance, and scale, but she throws in some twists and turns that are bound to make anybody joyous.

6. Julie and Monica from Cornerstone Interior

Those in the Indianapolis area looking for high-end designs will want to pay a visit to the two incredible Indianapolis interior designers, Julie and Monica from Cornerstone Interior. They have such an amazing way of conjuring up beautifully designed sanctuaries that truly look like pieces of art. They love using statement accessories and bespoke furniture, and their boutique interior design firm constantly has clients line up for their services.

Julie and Monica create strong forms and select interesting accents while still making the space feel and look homey.

7. Courtney from Redefined Interiors

Courtney and her firm, Redefined Interiors, is a home staging and interior decorating business serving the Indianapolis area and beyond. Courtney’s mantra is about bringing life to her clients’ dreams and goals. She loves making bold decisions that will majorly impact the space.

Courtney has worked on a variety of projects, and she’s enjoyed all of them. She pays extreme attention to detail and always ensures that she can design cohesive spaces that allow the textures and materials to complement one another.


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