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Home Staging


Here's a look at some of our staging projects from varying home staging packages. From entry level starter homes to luxury level final destinations and everything in between there's no home the HER Team cannot transform to SELL FAST!

HER Staging Package Options

Scroll down this page to preview our work in varying home staging package options. Or, you can click the link in the boxes below to go directly to the package page of your choice to view more examples of our work.

Luxury Level Staging Projects

The purpose of home staging is for clients to be able to "see" themselves living in the home you're selling. This means they need to draw a personal connect to every detail. From the layout and the wall color to the flooring and EVEN THE FURNISHINGS.

HER Home Design selects furniture and furnishings for each property designed to speak directly to the buyer. Here's a look at a few of the luxury level home staging projects we have completed.

Luxury Home Staging Video: Modern Farm House Style

Luxury Home Staging Video: Modern Farm House Style

High-End Staging Projects

High-End Staging Packages are designed for homes $275k to just under $500k. The furniture and furnishings selected for these type of projects will reflect the style best determined by the home itself in line with buyer expectations.

High-End Home Staging Video: Rustic Style

High-End Home Staging Video: Rustic Style

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Moderate and Entry Level Projects

Our entry level and moderate home staging packages are designed for homes in the "starter home" category up to $275k. Simple, stylish and on-trend home furnishings are used in these projects. Click here to see additional examples of these projects.

Moderate Home Staging Video: Contemporary Style

Moderate Home Staging Video: Contemporary Style

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